The all new, all original… GLOCK G30S! (well maybe not “too” original)


What if you could take the slim design of the G36 and give it the capacity of the G30 or even G21? Well, you’d have what GLOCK calls the G30S(“S” standing for slim). Note, this should not be mistaken for the G30SF(“SF” standing for short frame) but also take note that the G30S utilizes the G30SF feature of the shorter trigger reach. Now, for those of us, including myself, that aren’t too familiar with GLOCK pistols, you have no idea what any of those model numbers are without doing some research so I’ll make it easy. All of these fire the .45 auto with the differences being the size of the firearm itself. The G21 is the standard configuration with a double stack magazine size of 13 rounds, the G30 is the subcompact version sporting a shorter frame and slide with a double stack magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and the G36 closely resembles the G30 with the exception in the width of the gun. The G36 accomplishes this slim design by utilizing a single stack magazine which results in a capacity of only 6 rounds. All capacities don’t include one chambered.

Now, on to the G30S. It’s best to mention first, that this does not carry any of the features found with the Gen 4 line; interchangeable backstraps, improved grip texture, reversible magazine catch, ect. This is due to the fact that the G30S frame is based off of the G30SF frame which was designed before the birth of the Gen 4. One immediate give away is the size of the magazine release, the Gen 4 releases are larger. Here, GLOCK took the thin slide of the G36 and mated it with the receiver of the G30. The goal was to take the G30 and make it easier to conceal. Why not just use the G36 to begin with? Capacity. This model was designed with law enforcement in mind. For us average Joe’s the G36 might be sufficient. I’m sure it would be for me and in fact I’m highly considering it for my daily carry gun. But the truth of the matter is, not everyone is comfortable with small capacity magazines. The G30S follows suit of the G30 with it’s standard 10 round magazine and both accept the 13 round magazine of the G21.

So in the end, we essentially have a G30 with a G36 slide. I can’t say for sure, but shooting them myself I imagine I won’t be able to feel much of a difference between the G30 and G30S. That may not hold true for the die hard GLOCK fans or competition shooters who I’m sure will be more appreciative of the lighter, thinner slide of the G30S.

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  • Sam

    This is incorrect. The g30s does not have gen 4 features. It is a gen 3 30sf frame. No interchangeable abc straps, no ambi mag release.

    • Joe

      You are absolutely right about the Gen 4 features not being incorporated on this model, but it is not truly a G30SF frame. Very close though, the difference in that they re engineered the G30SF frame making a new one that mates to thinner slide shared with the G36. Thanks for the observation. Keep coming back and keep me on my toes :) . Edit on the way.

  • Rey

    I read about this gun in Glock Annual 2013. I have been thinking of getting a G26 after having had a G27 but let go of it since I find it a bit bulky for concealed carry. Not worth concealing something when someone can ask me if I was happy to see them or a hand had grown inside my pocket. The slim profile of the G30S and since I have also been wanting a smaller gun with .45 ordnance, makes this a good choice. I plan to visit a local gun shop to see how it fits in my hand. Tried shooting the small G36 but it’s no different in profile than the G26/27 in my hand.

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